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La Prochaine ~ the next one

Film by Duffy Higgins and John Jaxheimer, A76 Productions. Beautifully filmed, I love the use of split  screen. Advertisements

Kim Holm video

Matta – Release The Freq by Kim Holm http://www.kimholm.com/  

The Isles by Aoife McArdle

Captures the beauty of the depraved  in the British Isles through stunning cinematography.  A music video for The Comets.

Driving type

Some very cool typography. I like… I like. Created by Pierre & Damien.

Ben Dickinson music video

A music video for the New villagers song “Lighthouse” directed by Ben Dickinson.  Really well art directed, and the use of colour on the stark white warehouse setting….and I’m a sucker for anything with face paints, glitter and smoke…Ben Dickinson does it well.

Opening ceremony

This film is stunning.  

Paul Octavious

Paul Octavious makes science look  coool.

Maya Deren

I am a big fan of Maya Derens films such as Meshes of the afternoon. This video shows the beauty of dance using only light and dark.


JR is a photographer who exhibits his work on streets around the world.  This a trailer from his 2008 project Women, in which shows the dignity of women living in conflict through portraits.  The trail shows the incredible beauty and statements his work makes. http://jr-art.net/ http://www.womenareheroes-lefilm.com/

Chassaing light video

I absolutely love lights, this video takes the visuals of lights to another level Directed by Xavier Chassaing.